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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Shopping Madness

Went to Publix today and thought I'd share all my great savings. I love Publix. They take competitor coupons and you can stack these (or a publix coupon) with a manufacturer coupon. If you have any questions about a certain deal/item or if you have a shopping trip you want to share, post a comment or email me. Below is my 2/26 Publix trip.

2 Silk Soymilk 
1 Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Combo
Lean Ground Beef
2 Kraft Singles
3 Odwalla Juice
1 Publix reusable bag
1 Cascadian Farms Granola bar
1 Sierra Mist 2L
1 Diet Pepsi 2L
1 Sun Chip
2 Corn
3 Bananas
1 Kraft Parmesan Cheese
1 McCormick all-purpose spice
1 Red Seedless grapes
1 Publix Marshmallows
2 Dole Salad blends
6 Hallmark greeting cards

Total $28.33

Total Savings $54.47 (66% off)
Special Price Savings $18.69
Savings from coupons $35.78

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