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Friday, April 09, 2010

Couponing Basics and Coupon Lingo

Check out Meagan from Frugal Fun and Fortune's post on coupon basics or on Supermarket secrets.

Also, here is some lingo for you:

Stacking Coupons - Stacking coupons is a term used often to describe pairing a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon on one single item. The store coupon is a coupon that the store puts out. The store is giving you the deal. A manufacturer's coupon is like most of the ones you find in your Sunday newspaper or printable coupons online. They have bar codes and say "manufacturer's coupon" on them most of the time. The manufacturer is giving you the deal. Most stores allow stacking with no problem (Publix is great about this).

Peelies - These are coupons found on the outside of products that peel off, hence their name. One point of confusion that I have come across with many readers -- Peelies ARE indeed manufacturer's coupons. So if you go to a store with a manufacturer's coupon in hand, and then you find a peelie, you can not stack these. That would mean you are trying to use 2 manufacturer's coupons on one item. Not legal. The only time you can use a peelie with another coupon is when it is a "stacking" situation with a store coupon, as I mentioned above.

Blinkies - Coupons that pop out of little machines in the stores. Same as peelies - almost always manufacturer's coupons.

Tearpads - Coupons that are on pads in front of products. You can tear off a couple of coupons to use. Sometimes they're manufacturer's, other times they're great store coupons. It just depends! Keep an eye on what type of coupon it is, though!

Overage - This just means that your coupon value exceeds the price of the item you're buying. This happens a lot of times when you are stacking coupons as mentioned above. Some stores allow it (Publix). Other stores do not and will simply price-adjust the coupon value down to make it free.

BOGO - Buy one get one free.

ECB - Extra Care Bucks. Part of the rewards program at CVS.Read CVS basics for more info!

RR - Register Rewards. Part of the rewards program at Walgreens. Read Walgreens basics for more info!

PG - Proctor & Gamble (type of coupon insert that comes in Sunday's newspaper)

RP - Red Plum (type of coupon insert that comes in Sunday's newspaper)

SS - Smart Source (type of coupon insert that comes in Sunday's newspaper)

OOP - "Out of pocket" This is the money you end up paying after all coupons.

Rain Check - When a store is out of a deal that they advertised, you can usually get a "raincheck." It is basically a pass to come back and get the deal at a later date when the item is back in stock. It enables you to get the advertised sale price at a later date, in a nutshell. CVS even gives rainchecks for ECB deals! It's awesome!!

$1/1 - $1 off of 1 item

2/$1 - 2 items cost $1

B2G1 - Buy 2 items get 1 free (B3G1 would be Buy 3 items get 1 free, etc.)

- Thanks to Meagan over at Frugal Fun and Fortune

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