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Friday, June 18, 2010

Publix savings 6/11

Look at all I got for $33.56 (71% Off). Alot of this was for my Bday bbq (which we now have tons of leftovers).  

2 Ragu Tomato sauce
2 Doritos
1 Nabisco Crackers
1 Bailey's Creamer
1 Publix Hamburger bun
1 Publix Hotdog bun
1 Kraft Shredded Mozzarella
2 Gatorades 32 oz.
1 Coppertone Spray sunscreen
1 Romaine Hearts
1 Dole Spring Mix
4 Yellow Corn
4 Premium tomato
1 Seedless white grapes
1 green beans
2 Publix Premium Ice Cream
2 Publix Homestyle Potato Salad
1 Royal Chocolate Pudding
1 Kraft Chunk Cheese
2 Philadelphia cream cheese
1 Publix Print napkins
2 Stayfree maxi
1 Budlight Lime 12pk
1 Publix eggs

1 Pedigree goodbite
1 Goodlife twists
2 Meaty Bone Small

Order Total: $33.56

Total Savings: $84.89
Savings from coupons: $63.98
Special Price Savings $20.91

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