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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to save money at Publix

Most Publix stores accept competitor coupons. This is great for Publix shoppers because many other stores offer coupons that can be used at Publix (I am a Publix snob and will not shop at any other grocery store, unless I absolutely have to).

Rite Aid Video Values is a program that you can sign up for to receive Rite Aid coupons (check first to see if your Publix accepts these as a competitor). All you have to do is watch a few short videos and type in a code at the end (I do this while watching TV or reading a book) and they will give you a $5/$20 purchase coupon. You can also get $5/$25 coupons for watching specific videos (can be found under Rite Aid). Also, for each video you watch, you will receive a coupon for that product. I love this site!!
I Heart Publix is my go-to site for Publix deals. She posts the weekly ad matchups each week. Click on full ad with match-ups to find out which coupons to use with the sale items. She also posts ongoing deals (these are non sale related deals that I check every once in a while to see if I can get overage or good deals on things i need). If your store accepts either Food Lion or Harveys as a competitor then you can use these coupons (Called FLIPS for Food Lion Instant Printables) with a manufacturer coupon to save lots of moolah! These are great because they often have coupons for produce and meat, which are hard to find. Also, you can use a Food Lion brand coupon on a publix brand item (ex. $1/2 Food Lion brand breads can be used on 2 publix brand breads). There is also a good one out now for Harvey's for $3/$15.
You can also just click on the links in the I heart Publix website instead of opening a new page each time (the links are on the top of the page on the green tabs).

You should also sign up for the CVS (send out $5/$25 or coupons like this every once in a while) and Albertsons (have been sending out coupons for meat recently) emails and remember to look out for coupons in the mail (I find ones in junk mail and grocery store ads). I also sometimes go to CVS and scan my extracare card at the coupon center and see what coupons they give me (If you don't know about the coupon center check out this video).

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